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Getting the header in for the overhead door

(home) (door opening) ( jack hammer 1) (jack hammer 2) (pouring 1) (pouring 2) (outside wall) (ceiling)

Some in progress shots, mostly just destruction so far. Pulling the siding/sheathing will make installing the manufactuered 18" x 20' header a good bit easier.

I'm the dorky guy on the ladder. No, I don't know why I do that either.

Some more in progress shots. These show the temporary wall used to keep the building from collapsing when we took out the old headers for the doors. But notice the new header! The new header is two 19.5' pieces of 18x3.5 LVL manufactured header wood stuff. Someone told me each piece should weigh about 70 lbs. That person was lying through their teeth. I don't know what it really weighs, but lifting one side at a time was about all I wanted to do. Putting the pieces in was a 1.25 person job, so it was just great for me and the preggers Laura. I lifted each end at a time into the hole. Laura's job was to hold the beam upright and preventing it from twisting over/falling when I needed to reposition myself for more lifting. "What to Expect When You're Expecting" didn't say anything about not steadying 20' LVL headers, so I figured we were ok with that.

Here we go! New header is up and the old wall is gone!

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