Visiting New York

I had a class for work to attend in New York City at the end of June, 2006. Laura came with me.

Here's a picture of Laura at the B&H Photo Video camera store in NYC. B&H is where a whole lot of my disposable income has gone over the past couple years as I've gotten back into photography. I was trying out a wide angle lens that I'm still wanting to get:

As you can see, Laura was completely rivited by the lens comparison I was making.

Later that night, I was trying out a different lens that I bought back in the hotel room.

As you can see, being preggers hadn't stopped Laura from complete and total respect for my photography.

Anyway, later on during the trip, we met up with Gary, a guy Laura went to college with at Kalamazoo freshman year.

Laura and Gary spent the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the "Met" I think is what the cool kids call it) while I was in class. Gary and his wife Kemi have a pair of twins, John and Jennifer, who were born a couple months before our wedding, so Gary was filling Laura in on all the details of taking care of a pair of newborns.

Later on I showed up:

After we took the pictures above, Laura took me back through the museum. As you can see, this was extremely exciting for her:

It'd been a pretty long day by that point. Laura, in her first trimester, wasn't feeling great all the time and was particularly sensitive to being out and about for too long or not eating a little bit all the time. Soon after that picture was taken, we were on our way back to the hotel via Central Park. On the way we stopped for a bit of a pick me up:

As you can see, ice cream fixes all problems.

Our final picture from the New York trip is one I like to call "Pregnant wife with her goat"