Sonogram Pictures

Strangely, these earlier ultrasound pictures are the clearest to me. This one was taken in August, and clearly shows a balled up baby in there!

These were taken about a month later. I'm not sure how scale works on these ultrasound machines, but the baby _looks_ bigger anyway. You can also see a nice fist in the first picture. With a little imagination, you can picture our baby much later in his or her life, shaking their fist at the neighborhood kids who won't stay off the lawn.

This is about a month later again, in October. I think this is the picture where Leah had to point out to me where the baby was. As you can see, the entire baby no longer fits in the image from the ultrasound machine.

By December, the baby is so big that all we can take pictures of is its foot. Seriously, we have other pictures from December, but they just look like random white dots to me. If Leah sees them and shows me where the baby is, I'll post them.